Everyone has something to hide

All of us have photos that are important to us, but could be embarrassing if someone else saw them. Our phone cam is to us like a mirror with memory. We take a lot of pictures, but not all pictures are something we want accidentally shared on the web, or pictures that we want others to see when they browse our gallery on our phone. Think about intimate, even sexy, pictures from that weekend getaway, photos of the mole that you want to check again later, pictures of you trying out that bikini that you want to buy when you lose a few pounds, or pictures of your biceps in front of the mirror.

What if you didn't need to worry about going viral, or being worried when you lend your phone or show your pictures from your phone, or when your kids play with your phone? Secure Selfie – bringing privacy back to your phone camera.

Funny Hat Stickers

Remix your photos with Funny Hat Stickers

Pick an image or take a photo, add weird stickers, and share the fun remix result with your friends. Make a mash-up or photo remix like no other!

Secure Selfie

Hide your most secret moments

The Secure Selfie camera will immediately encrypt any picture taken with it, and make it readable only by you for as long as you want to.


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